Moments of magic and intuition

Intuition and photography do work together.  

Kat says, “When you can connect with your intuition in your photography, you can more easily find the subjects and situations that speak to your heart. You can, without effort, create powerful images that connect with heart and soul.”   

The real challenge is to understand when your intuition is kicking in.

I know that it happens for me but I find it hard to describe exactly what it feels like.  I can tell you that in my mind or even out loud I hear myself saying “oh!” when a subject before me is speaking to my heart.  

Here are a couple of examples:

lotus blossom

I have photographed my favorite pond in one of our city parks many times. Last summer while walking around and getting photos of these lotus blossoms and leaves I saw this one.  It was the light on those petals that got me.  And the bloom reaching toward the light, ready to open. 

Many times this kind of thing happens when I’m about to stop taking photos and head for home. One last look around, or a final walk around the pond, and there will be something I missed, something that I need to see.  That’s when I hear that “oh!”. 

Old man in the tree

Earlier this winter I had been at another park, walking around in the snow, actually headed back to the car.  I happened to look up at this grand old oak tree and saw what I call the old man in the tree.  I hope you can see him…the snow is his beard.   

It was a moment of magic.  

This tree image has stayed in my mind since then, reminding me of the trees in one of the Lord of the Rings stories, the trees in the forest in the Wizard of Oz.  There is a story that this old man in the tree wants to tell.

This intuitive impulse does not happen each time I take photos.  Many times I just take way too many images, an old habit that seems to not want to go away.  True, some good images come from those days, too, but not like those that seek me out, draw my attention and speak to my heart. 

7 Replies to “Moments of magic and intuition”

  1. I love that you correlate intuition with magic. There is something of magic to it, something that surpasses or defies logic. Your two images are great examples…and yes, I do see that old man tree spirit!

  2. Deb – I love your explanation of intuition – that feeling of "oh!" – that gasp of surprise when we see something the connects so strongly with our mind and heart. You are right – it doesn't happen all the time when we are out shooting, but when it does – magic! Such lovely examples – beautiful light and the old man in the tree.

  3. It's interesting that you observe that your strongest heart-connections don't come on the days that you just take a lot of photos. There is something about listening to your intuition and letting that connection evolve on its own schedule, isn't there? I find myself doing more of the same. I don't need to photograph everything, just the things that speak to me. On listening to your intuition – I don't think you have to be able to describe the feeling you get. You just have to listen to it. That's all that matters. The more you listen to it, follow it and see the results – the better you will get at photographing intuitively.

  4. You describe that special feeling so well, Deb! I've been mulling ideas around and trying to figure out when and how the intuition comes. I love the idea of magic too…..there is something so special when we get that ahhh moment — this is it. Exquisite lotus blossom image!

  5. I like what you've written. I can relate to all of it. That pink blossom is an amazing image-great POV on that.
    I feel as tho' I photographed everything, everywhere in the areas nearby. I'm finding it good challenge to try to find new shots. Sometimes that's really hard. "oh". Yes.
    On my 365 I'm trying hard not to overdo the amount of images I'm taking. Some days I only take a dozen or so, rarely over 50. unless I'm on a planned photowalk. That click click clicking is hard to stop.
    And so true, intuition and jolt does not happen each time we're out. I guess I remember how it did in that first year of shooting-seems to get further and further between occurances now. Maybe we're getting older and wiser and more experienced and that goes with the territory.
    I can see why that tree speaks to you and your crop is very appealing. LOTR-absolutely. Do you want to take a ride on that tree?

  6. Yes! I know exactly what you mean…that pull, that tug, that makes you take one more look. So glad you were listening! Each photo (especially that tree, for me) is eloquent.
    Wonderfully seen..wonderful captured! Beautiful!

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