Snowy morning

 There is a bit of snow here today, filling spaces both large and small.
How much snow? About this much.
And it is lovely, even if it is a heavy snow.
Yeller wants to go play in it, but the scraping sound of the shovel scares him.
And Rossfeld just finds a warm register to sit by, while keeping an eye on that Other Cat.

6 Replies to “Snowy morning”

  1. it looks like a good snowfall for March — a bit deep for cats. The snow on the evergreen is so pretty….maybe this is your last snow of the season!

  2. Oh, we barely got an inch of heavy, wet snow here in Canton. And the sun even came out at noon – what a pleasure. Love the black and whites of the white stuff. And the cats' reactions to all the winter goings-on.

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