Morning sky

morning sky
Today, the sun greeted the moon
as I stepped out of my car.
I was going to just keep moving
but that moon stopped me
and asked for attention, I suppose. 
And as if that was not enough
the sun gently touched the branches
on that tree, 
just to say
good morning.

8 Replies to “Morning sky”

  1. Hello Deb, this is beautiful!! I have a hard time getting photos of the moon. So glad yours came out so you could share it with us. LOVE IT!

    I also enjoyed the morning sky, a pretty sunrise and sunshine all day today. I am going to send you an email of it thru my iphone, let me know if it worked. It shares my happiness over the sun today!!

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. These small moments can brighten the whole morning. We only have to look up to see we're part of something much bigger than our daily duties and worries. Thanks for sharing this moment with us.

  3. Don't you love it when the sun says hello to the moon. Makes me feel, for just a moment, that I'm on another planet where there are two moons, or two suns and in any event – a reminder of all the celestial goings on above us. Great image.

  4. Your assistant (the moon) presented you with a good opportunity. I am glad you listened and took advantage of whatnot had to offer. Thanks for sharing!

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