February Photo Heart Connection

Blue pitcher and lemons

In February it was gray, cold, and dark.  Winter is a beautiful season, but this last month just seemed a bit too dark for me.  My solution was to find color.  In recent months I have had fun creating still life images, but none have given me the satisfaction that this one does.

Lemons set against a blue antique pitcher, with some texture added to the final image.  That is what worked for me.  It brings to mind hot summer days and fresh lemonade, made from the real fruit.  Taking the time to quench the thirst, and do a bit of caring for the self.

When July is here and we are all having our picnics and fighting off bugs, will we think of cold February days?  I’m not so sure.

17 Replies to “February Photo Heart Connection”

  1. This is a gorgeous image! The color and elements do bring summer to mind. And the texture makes it a memory, rather than right here with us in the moment. I don't know, I might be missing February's trees come July. 🙂 Thanks for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection!

  2. I love this image! It's so cheerful and refreshing just to think of summer and lemonade. I love your processing, too. It looks like a pastel painting.

  3. Simply beautiful, Deb! It speaks to my heart too.I love the color pairing and the roundness of the shapes. A wonderful still life to remind us of the pleasures to come.

  4. What a wonderful way to bring brightness into a gray season. I love the colors, composition, everything about this image. Wonderful!

  5. You need to frame this one! It's beautiful! Perfect colors, composition and textures! From about June to October I'll be wishing and longing for winter!! I know I'm an oddball, but I do not like the heat!! I should qualify that "wishing for Arkansas winter." We don't have a terrbile winter here!

  6. Oh, I love this image, Deb. Fills me with sunshine & a strong desire for warmth…looking forward to those summer days.

    Sending love to you today, my friend.

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