Artistic blur – part two

artistic blur 1

Artistic blur created after the photo was taken,
using Picasa and the focal zoom effect.
artistic blur 2
More blur…this is called the softened look, also from Picasa.

artistic blur 3

I love the cubist effect created in Gimp. It’s about 
the only thing I can do with Gimp, but at least it’s fun.
There are times when making an image blurry is what a person wants to do, and now there are so many creative ways to do it, and so many different programs, free and not free, that give the tools you need.  
To read more about creating artistic blur, click on the button below!  

10 Replies to “Artistic blur – part two”

  1. I like all three of these, but love the apples. Since I don't really do "effects" in post processing, I was going to skip this one, but now you've inspired me to go play!

  2. What fun explorations, Deb! I like the cubist effect — that would make a lovely framed image. The softened apples are also very pretty — something very peaceful about them. I will miss Kat's exploring with a camera series — I learned so much!

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