3rd Thursday Challenge for February

I tried something new this week.  Textures.  And the free photo editing program called PicMonkey, which is really good. 

I actually used one of my own images (an image of rust on an outdoor grill) as the texture.  That was the cool part for me.  Now I want to scour my files and see what other images would work as textures.  

Getting back in the regular mode of blogging has been a challenge the past few days. It was fun to find a new toy to play with.  And I’m linking with my friend Brenda today, the fabulous photographer who hosts this challenge.   Click on the link below to see what others have tried this month.

6 Replies to “3rd Thursday Challenge for February”

  1. Deb – what a great challenge. I have been thinking of this myself – trying me hand at creating my own textures – you have given me further incentive. Love the silhouetted trees against those golden tones and the surrounding vignette. And yes, I completely agree that having a new post-processing toy to play with is amazing fun. I can't wait to see what else you and PicMonkey come up with. Thanks so much for participating in this month's Third Thursday Challenge.

  2. Hey Deborah…Great result here. I like the look of a textured paper that seems to be below the tree. I too have played with taking my own images and layering them a top another. It's a lot of hit and miss. I guess I'm not thinking texturing, maybe just layers. I don't know what draws me to choose a particular image, but rather than taking a photo and enhancing it, I use photos to blend together creating an entirely new composition. It's weird, but fun. I think you'll find you can use almost any image as a texture….I hope you keep experimenting. I love the tonal palette in this image.

  3. This is excellent. Rust is such an awesome subject for textures. I also love your image of the trees-that is a main favorite of mine!
    You have a very talented, artistic friend 🙂

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