Saturday’s Featured Image


A young tree creating a contrast against the fog and snow.
And off in the distance a brave person jogging along wearing a white hat, 
creating the contrast of movement in an otherwise still, peaceful place.

6 Replies to “Saturday’s Featured Image”

  1. A lovely way to capture movement! Such a sweet little tree with it's broken limb! I've also been meaning to mention how much I love your art work in your header!

  2. This is such a beautiful image, Deborah!. The soft silvers and white, the stillness of the trees…they almost look like ghosts or spirits – tree spirits, perhaps, in the background.

    It's the young tree in the foreground that grabs my eye. It seems he's broken a limb…and he looks alone out there in the cold. Strong and vital, but alone. Reminds me of the challenges we all face in growing up…some broken-ness, some aloneness, along with the strength, and the ever-presence of loved ones, even if in the distance.

    Funny how one still photograph can evoke such emotion, and create a sense of story. This is part of what I love so much about photography.

    Thank you for sharing this image today…it has truly struck a chord.

  3. That looks so cold. That tiny person really adds a sense of scale to this photo. I noticed the broken limb right away. The little tree might be wounded, but it's still standing straight and tall.

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