Purrfect lighting

Life is back to some semblance of normal.  Yeller is fully recovered, back to his usual cat self.  Frisky when we want to be quiet.  Snuggling and enjoying all the attention.  Playing with a string that he just has to catch. Chasing Rossfeld and defending his turf.  Chasing squirrels up the oak tree.  Watching the birds outside the window in the morning light.
This image is my effort at back lighting.  I used my 50mm lens (which I do most of the time these days), set the metering to spot metering, and focused on Yeller.   I used Program mode.  The camera chose ISO200, f / 2.0, 1/60sec. 
The morning light coming in this east window is just dreamy…perfect for what I wanted to accomplish.
And purrfect for a cat obsessed with birds.
Today I’m also sharing my words and another image at Vision and Verb. 
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9 Replies to “Purrfect lighting”

  1. I didn't know your cat wasn't well, so happy to hear Yeller is feeling better. Worrying about our animals, hurting for them when they hurt, is difficult and wears on the heart.
    You succeeded with your backlighting. Yeller looks delighted to be perched and watching the world. Glad to hear that lens is being enjoyed. I do think I'm going to treat myself when my, that's MY!, tax return money comes in. Perhaps anticipation is a good thing.

  2. Deborah! I love, love, love your image of Yeller. The backlighting is gorgeous and serves to emphasize the lovely, long curve of his back, and his shoulder, and the tips of his ears. And, the colour of his fur. All of it…it is simply beautiful! (And, I'm so happy he is well! 🙂 Blessings.

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