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  1. I saw your comment on Vision and Verbs and thought you were another Deborah I know but arrived at your blog. I looked at your photos ā€“ they are very creative. I also like to take photographs, but they are more of the landscape genres. We also have a cat, Cody, who looks just like yours. We had another cat, Mitsou, but she passed away several months ago ā€“ I still cannot talk about it.
    I saw that you live somewhere in Ohio. My husband is from Marion, a town near Colombus, and his sister, now retired, was a professor at OSU ā€“ my daughter and son in law did their medical internships at OSU Medical hospital, so we used to drive to Ohio a lot (now they live in Nashville.) Iā€™ll come back to your blog to look at more of your photos.

  2. Leaves are like a peek into the universe. Veins like our hands and our bodies. Veins like rivers running to the sea. These are beautiful, and where I am, it IS a grey day today – appreciate the subtle color.

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