The River – and update on Yeller

winter scene 2    
From our afternoon walk on this winter day…a scene at the river.  Ice and snow, animal tracks, the chill of the winter air, and a slight wind rustling the leaves.  There were deer tracks everywhere, as well as bird and dog tracks, making lovely patterns in the snow. 

Though very peaceful and serene now, this place is known as the site of the battle of Fort Amanda from the War of 1812. 

Many thanks to your comments and concern for our cat, Yeller.  
How is he doing?  I’ll let you be the judge….
He is very cuddly today.  He’s drinking and eating on his own.  He’s looking out the window again to see the birds and squirrels.  He swats at Rossfeld, the other cat in our life, as though to say “leave me the ___ alone!”   And, just before I posted this, a loud bang came from the kitchen where he had jumped onto the counter to lick a bowl and then knocked it to the floor. 
Life in our house seems to be getting back to normal.

5 Replies to “The River – and update on Yeller”

  1. OHhhh! That sounds (I can hear the clatter of the bowl on the floor!) like one very happy cat! So, so glad. Peace, even if it's kind of noisy, is restored! Blessings! PS Love the image of the river!

  2. Beautiful winter scene!! It's hard to believe we'll be in the 70's this week and you have ice and snow!! Of course, following the 70's we'll have storms and then be cold again!

  3. I love the different alternating horizontal bands of color/texture in this image and the wonderful reflections. Glad to hear things are back to normal at your house.

  4. So glad that Yeller is doing better. Thanks for the update, keeping healthy wishes going for him.

    How nice that you walk the park even in the cold and winter days, it's beautiful and peaceful!!

    Love the leaf post above too, they always make me happy also!!

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