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Even though the temperature yesterday was below freezing it was a lovely winter day.  We did the Sunday Afternoon Drive…my hubby and I…so that we could be outdoors and enjoy the sun.  There was a fabric store and book store trip involved, but the point is we were out and about.  

This image is from that ride, as we drove by a fabulous older home in another town.  He did the driving, I did the shooting.  I’d love to see how that tower looks from the inside.

I don’t do the ‘drive by’ method of shooting photos often, but yesterday went pretty well.  Having a bright, sunny day helped.  

Here is how I set my camera:

Using my 50mm lens, in TV or shutter priority mode, with the shutter speed set at 1/500, I was able to get a few decent images without any blur.  (The camera chose ISO 200, f/10, because I was in shutter priority mode.)   I kept the lens on auto focus.

Have you tried shooting photos from a moving car?  How successful were you?  Any good tips to share?

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  1. I love how you wrote "point" in your description. I wonder if that was on purpose, or the brain helping itself to an unplanned connection.
    I do drive by shootings a lot, though I don't have a driver to help me. I always shoot manual (and need to learn how to let my camera help me sometimes) so I miss things in changing light. I don't shoot while moving except sometimes dead ahead-yes I know I shouldn't-, but am quick to pull over and grab an opportunity from the driver's seat, especially when it's really cold or raining. Love that header Deborah.

  2. Well that is an incredible photo that was shot from a moving vehicle. My husband is also mostly the driver. I'll have to try your photo tip for pictures from a moving car.

  3. That tower is beautiful — the room inside must be a hexagon, no? Thanks for your tips on shooting from the car, I will have to try shutter priority mode. M problem is the windows are often dirty and I don't have time to lower them before the image disappears!

  4. Lovely shot against that blue winter sky. And yes, I would love to see inside – when I was a child I always dreamed of having a round tower room, with padded window seats where I could sit all day and read. Wouldn't that be lovely?

  5. I admire your steady hand:)
    my driveby photos are usually quite a blur
    but then my body rarely settles into the still of the
    moment when driving.
    i'd love to have a room in a tower like that….girlhood dream:)

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