7 Replies to “Opportunity”

  1. That is so true that we are the ones that choose to have the doors remain closed. Thank you for inspiring me with your question.

    Today I am choosing to open the door ever so slightly and begin to peek inside so I can start understanding better and maybe even begin to heal a relationship that's been challenging for me.. xo

  2. Beautiful image! I love the light seeping through the open door! This week I've been opening the door and my mind to new looks in my photography! It's been a great experience!

  3. A profound thought. We all too often say "I can't" but what we mean is we don't think we have the ability or courage. This year I'm stretching myself creatively but I also want to take the leap in making things happen generally.

  4. So much truth to this. I think we all tend to close our own doors…lock ourselves in. Lots to think about..and such an exquisite image to think with!

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