Little bird

These cardinals come to this winter berry bush outside our window and feast on those little berries. 

Why is it that year after year we watch them in amazement, as if we have never seen cardinals or birds before? 

Is it because they can fly? Or is it because it is so freekin’ cold out there and they don’t seem to mind it much?

Or maybe, just maybe, these lovely creatures remind us that we are held in a Divine Embrace, just as they surely are, cared for and nurtured in ways we don’t know or understand.

I’m sharing my words and photo over at Vision and Verb today.
Vision and Verb

4 Replies to “Little bird”

  1. Beautiful image, Deborah! I need to plant a berry bush by one of my windows!! Your question makes me think of the song "His eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me!" We are held in a Divine Embrace!

  2. There's just something about that bright red, flying through the air, that makes your heart stop at the wonder. Beautifully captured in all its scarlet glory.

  3. You sure got a beautiful closeup photo of the red cardinal. They are such beautiful birds. I have had 3 at our bird feeder here this winter. My husband had mentioned we should plant some sort of berry bush to attract them more for next year.

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