Ways to Blur An Image

This week, for Exploring With A Camera, the challenge is to blur an image on purpose, using different ways to mess with your subject.  I used 3 different methods that made simple images look abstract. (Have to admit that this was fun!)

I held a drinking glass in front of the lens to get this look.  The actual subject is a small painting I created a couple years ago. 

Then I stood behind a sheer curtain and used the remote for my camera to get this image.  The only thing I have done post processing is crop the image and give it the sepia tones.  

This little faded flag was literally flapping in the cold winter breeze at the park yesterday.  I slowed the shutter down considerably so that it would be blurred.

It’s called Artistic Blur, and Kat Sloma has some fabulous examples of it, as well as a great tutorial with ideas for trying it.  Click on the button below to learn more!



13 Replies to “Ways to Blur An Image”

  1. Deb – what amazingly creative examples! Love them all – you have provided great inspiration for ideas to try. Your self-portrait is so lovely – very mysterious and evocative.

  2. You got some great results here. I can't wait to try this myself. The longer I shoot pics, the more I enjoy abstractions. I like your selfie thru the sheer. cool.

  3. Great examples, Deb! Your selfie is lovely — I might try something similar. I love the abstract the the blurry colors. Very creative work here.

  4. This was a fun exercise! I hope to get my posted this weekend! You were very creative on the first shot! I would never have thought of that, but I'm going to try it!! I love your self-portrait. It's beautiful and mysterious! I also love the way the stars repeated, each one getting clearer!

  5. These are all fantastic examples of Artistic Blur! I'm glad you had fun. I especially like the selfie behind the sheer curtains. What a fabulous idea. It gives the whole image softness and texture without doing much else! Thank you for sharing these in Exploring with a Camera. I hope you continue to play with this!

  6. I love these three shots: the first one with wavy lines behind glass, the flag is great with the wavy lines and the double stars and a nice selfie behind a curtain! Good job!

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