This frosty morning

tree stump

On this cold January morning there is frost on everything. Can you see it glistening?

Tree stumps make good dining rooms for squirrels.
Sometimes they leave leftovers, scraps, nut shells.

frozen bloom

A few days ago it was unseasonably warm, even for the January thaw.  
This dandelion was fooled, too, and came out to play.
Even in her demise, covered with frost, she is lovely.

4 Replies to “This frosty morning”

  1. These are both lovely! The light on the tree stummp is beautiful!! I spotted a dandelion here yesterday and it's sleeting today! I like the frost and the snow, but I'm not so crazy about ice and sleet!

  2. Beautifully captured. We also had the January thaw this week. There was lots of snow left but patches of green grass appeared, no dandelions yet they will come soon enough to life. 🙂

  3. I love frost pix and these are terrific! How did you ever find the dandelion…..she does look sweet and so yellow in spite of the freezing temps.

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