Lines in the snow

Near Bresler Reservoir

As the sun came from behind the clouds this morning I was out with my camera, watching the sun and clouds. I noticed the lines of the road, the wires, the poles, the ridge of the reservoir, and the marks in the snow from recent sledding episodes.  Today most of that snow melted away.  

8 Replies to “Lines in the snow”

  1. Deb – this is gorgeous – a wondrous combination of lines. I love the depth that you have created with your POV – the road and poles receding into the distance, pulling us along. The cloudy skies add to the mood of desolation. This works really well in black and white. Well seen.

  2. This is AWEOME, love love it so much!! Thanks for inspiring us with lines, so cool what you find with your camera. The snow is melting here too, kinda nice to see the grass again even if it's muddy now.

  3. There is something just so gorgeous about this photo, Deb. I love the soft lines in the snow, the quiet gray of the sky and the power lines add their own kind of simple beauty.

    I'm sending you love today, friend that I treasure so much.

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