Frosted lace

Queen Anne has a new crown, filled with the finest of diamonds.
See how she dances with joy?
Queen Ann lace frost
 And she shares it with all her subjects.
The joy, the beauty, the happiness.
I have some happiness to share, too!
A few of my images are for sale over at Vision and Verb, and all the profit goes to support Kiva.  I personally have ordered some cards from Vision and Verb just recently.  Very nice quality images on good card stock, all 5 x 7, blank inside, envelopes included.  
The good thing? Even if the card doesn’t last, the benefits to other people around the world will.

8 Replies to “Frosted lace”

  1. What a lovely idea… a sparkling crown for Queen Anne. These small things can bring such joy in the winter season. Congratulations on your Vision and Verb participation.

  2. I'm always amazed at how hearty QAL is. To the eye so delicate, but in spirit so strong. Maybe that's why they named it so. Great captures.

  3. Beautifully sparkly images – love your metaphor of a diamond crown. Congrats on your for-sale images – what a great thing to do to benefit others.

  4. Queen Anne's Lace is one of my favorite wildflowers. I love them during each stage of their growth! I don't believe I've ever seen any with ice on them!

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