Let’s Pay It Forward!


This is something I have never tried before, and I’m kind of excited about it!  Thanks to Teresa at A Smile Maker I learned about this fun project for sharing something handmade.  It originated with an idea from Erin Keane on her blog.

Erin writes, “Do you like to receive handmade gifts? Do you like to give
handmade gifts and bring joy to others? Do you want to join a blog hop that
involves giving and receiving in a pay it forward manner?”
“I am participating this project because I
that giving handmade gifts is important in many ways. Not only does it
joy to others but it helps us as artists stretch our creative bones,
make new
friends and connections, and spread the handmade movement further and
into our world.  I commit to giving a handmade gift to one person who
signs up to participate in this project and who is willing to “Pay It
Forward” on their own blog.  Ready to join the fun?”

FIRST:  If you would like to participate, please sign up
by leaving a comment below on this post.  Follow up by emailing me with your contact information (tischd@gmail.com).   The first person to show commitment to the
project will receive a handmade gift from me!!!
SECOND: Post this project on your own blog. You can word it exactly as I have here, and I’ll be glad to email you the text.
Gather one new participant and be willing /
prepared to follow through with the “Pay It Forward” part!  (I will send your handmade gift once you’ve
shown commitment by gathering one new participant).  Please link back to this original post: PAY IT FORWARD 2013 “Bring Joy”.  I will include a link to your post so we can
follow the project from its origin.
THIRD:  I will give you a small, heartfelt handmade
gift.  In turn, give a small, heartfelt handmade gift
to your participant and bring on the joy! (Please wait to send a gift until your
participant has gathered their own new participant)
Please only
enter under one blog… unless you are willing to perpetuate more than one
chain. If you want to join but my slot is filled, follow the link below until you find an open slot.

My participant and their “Pay It Forward”
blog link:   Laurie at 3 B Street Blog: Pay It Forward 2013.

And Laurie has a participant, Alisa and Alisa Steady Art!

As of January 7th, if you want to participate
please click here, and follow the links until
you find an empty slot!  Have fun!

7 Replies to “Let’s Pay It Forward!”

  1. I can't wait to get started and post to 3 B Street, a new online handmade marketplace for exclusive buyers and sellers! Let's get started!

    1. Elena,

      Thanks for participating! I'm going to refer you back to the original post from Erin at her blog. There are two links back to her site, one in the first paragraph of this post, and one under the second task under Guidelines.

      She is posting links to all the participants, and some of them have yet to get a person to sign up. Welcome aboard and have fun!

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