Winter beauty

Winter at Faurot Park 
 Sharing a bit of winter beauty this lovely morning. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.
This image is from My 365 Project. To view all the images in this to date, click on the Flickr icon on the main page of my blog.

11 Replies to “Winter beauty”

  1. Absolutely! So pleased to have 'found' you, I am inspired, not only by your pictures but by the by-line on your header…I have that very sentence in my heart.

  2. Definitely worth that thousand words! Unusual and effective composition, filling the image with beautiful negative space made up of luscious berry bokeh.

  3. Deborah! Happy, happy New Year! I'm back on-line after more than two weeks without service. It's so nice to be back..and to be back in touch. Thank you for your wonderful comments over the holidays, and in the new year. I so appreciate hearing from you. And, I so love seeing your work. Like this image, which is simply gorgeous. Winter beauty, indeed. Beautiful!
    Thank you for you all the beauty and generosity you show, here on your blog, and through you visits to mine. Wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful 2013…peaceful, joyful, healthy and prosperous!

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