78-365 snow

The snow begins.  Our first blizzard of the winter. 

Makes me want to go into survival mode and find that good book, my wool blanket, warm slippers…the couch.  You get the idea.  Oh, and a hot cup of coffee.  

What is your favorite way to survive winter weather…on days when you don’t have to venture out?

5 Replies to “Snow!”

  1. I love the simplicity of this — wonderful composition! We are having more rain, and it's a good opportunity to reorganize my office, if I don't decide to go back to bed….

  2. Love this shot. Captures that 'just snowed' feeling. And I'm with you – jammies, curled up…good book (or movie!). I'm starting to host a black and white Photo link up on Wednesdays. Join in, if you'd like!

  3. A beautiful depiction of our first blizzard. Such lovely texture contrasts – the dried grasses with their dollops of snow against the smooth shiny metal of the bucket.

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