A Helper on My Desk

checkin' it out

This cat usually wants to sit on my lap and snuggle whenever he finds me up here typing away.  I convinced him today to sit elsewhere, which he took to mean the desk.  And then he had to ‘inspect’ the acorn that I still have from several days ago. 

touching the acorn

Of course, one has to involve all the senses to really learn what an acorn is all about.  A friendly tap with a paw will do.

golden eyes

Then the idea is to look deeply into your owner’s eyes with your own beautiful golden eyes and convince her that you are the most beautiful cat on the planet.  

Works every time!


5 Replies to “A Helper on My Desk”

  1. Pure sweetness. I love him. He looks very much like our little orange tabby, Stripes, who I absolutely adore.

    Thank you for sharing his cuteness, Deb.

    Wishing you and your family joy-filled holidays.

    With love,


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