Using Gimp to Edit a Photo

71-365 Pines - cubism

There are days when your images may just seem kind of blah, much like how the weather was here today.  It’s gray, cold, damp, and the images I took at the park reflect that. 

original image

Using the free download called Gimp, this image to the right has been edited using an effect called “cubism”.  In my opinion it brought a new sense of wonder and magic to these stately pines.   The colors that have been brought out, the turquoise, pink, light brown, and blue, are not readily visible in the actual photo.  I love how the abstract quality of the image above gives us a look at all the colors that make up what we see.

Do you have a favorite photo editing software that you’d like to tell us about?  If so, is there a favorite setting in that program that you use frequently?  Please feel free to share what you know in a comment here.

As the holiday week approaches, please take time to care for your self.  Maybe that could include taking a photo of something that really speaks to your heart.

Sending you peace….



9 Replies to “Using Gimp to Edit a Photo”

  1. A beautiful group of trees! I do love the cubed photo, it does bring out beautiful colors! I rarely used any editing. I have Picasa on my computer for minor editing and I have used PicMonkey for a few textures. Both are free and easy to use! I use the Vignette feature on Picasa a lot. I like the way it softens the edges. I think PicMonkey has a snow feature that would be fun to add during the winter since I don't think we'll be getting much snow!!

  2. I'm a huge fan of GIMP though usually for standard editing or making graphics. I use various settings but I've never used the cubism filter with results I wanted to keep so it's interesting to see what you've done with it here. You seem to have chosen just the right kind of image to get the best from this filter. Like Cathy, I also find PicMonkey is a lot of fun and it's so easy to use too.

  3. I've never tried Gimp or Picmonkey. I've always been a Photoshop girl and I love adding textures in layers but I'm always game to experiment. I do love these cubist trees. They're fantastic. A verry merry Christmas to you!

  4. Love this effect and the way it turned an ordinary image into something quite spectacular. Of course, you know that I am a great fan of post-processing – and this is one of the main reasons – how it can take the inherent beauty of the lines and colors of an image and turn it into something completely new. Experimentation can be such fun.

  5. WOW!! This looks so cool, I love the way it turned out. How fun to turn a beautiful photo into another beautiful image. LOVE IT!!

    Sending you peace and happiness this holiday!!! Enjoy this time with your loved ones and so glad your mom is still doing well. HUGS!

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