Yeller under the tree

The photo prompt included the word “tree”, so I thought of Christmas trees when I picked up my camera today.  I found Yeller napping under ours…which explained why the fleece blanket that I carefully arranged under there yesterday was mysteriously re-arranged.  


Had to crawl behind the couch to get this, actually moved it a bit.  The things we will do to get a good photo….   

And, no, I will not tell you how many dust bunnies were back there.

11 Replies to “re-purposing”

  1. I hope there were LOTS and LOTS of dust bunnies behind your couch…you should be spending your time taking pics…housecleaning can always wait until later!!!

  2. Dust bunnies R us too.
    I'm glad you got this great shot. Love low POV and you nailed it. Nice to have a Christmas memory of a beloved pet. If I moved my couch, my cat would move-and if she by chance stayed put, she would get up and walk right toward the camera as soon as I got down in the low position. I guess it's love, but it sure ruins many good shots.

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