Exploring the lights of the night

Lima Ohio Courthouse

After yesterday I was not sure if I could do anything really creative today, but such was not the case.  Art does save us in many ways, no matter what that art form may be.  Picking up the camera and looking for the light this evening helped bring me back to the present. 

It helped that I had something to work on!  Kat Sloma announced another topic for us to Explore with our cameras, the lights of night.  It did my heart good to pick up the camera and play with it some today.    Using my 50mm lens I did a bit of exploring right around the time that the sun went down, between 5:00 and 5:30pm.  I set the camera in shutter priority, did not use a tripod, and gained a new appreciation of this wonderful, simple lens.
Though I did try to photograph holiday lights, I found that it was more fun to look at businesses that were open and see how the light came through the windows. This last image is my favorite.

Hot soup sold here

To get some excellent pointers on how to get decent night time images be sure to click on the button below and read what Kat has to offer. 

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  1. It is a bit difficult to get back into "regular" mood after yesterday for me as well. I spent the day mostly with my daughter – decorating and some shopping, just to feel her goofy self and enjoy her. I am so very thankful, today more than ever.
    I love your photos – the lights in the night have a big attraction to me, and as soon as the rain stops I'll probably venture out with my camera.

  2. It was difficult today to settle on anything! I did take a long walk in the woods with my camera. We can always rely on our cameras to soothe us, can't we? These are both wonderful!! I am so not good at night photography! I'm hoping I can get out and play a little!

  3. I like what you did with your at night light. I'm rather overwhelmed at holiday time because I don't like it much. I prefer the natural flow of day in day out I guess. I like that shot with the awning-nice store front image. Since it's so dark, I'm practically forced to make some night time shots. Perhaps that's good practice. Wishing you a happy day where creativity will soothe the soul.

  4. I agree, art is a powerful cure, no matter what ails us. I'm glad you were able to use this exercise to get you back into the moment again. Your images came out great! A prime lens is a great way to explore the lights of night, as you discovered. You can even handhold in true dark when using a prime lens with a wide open aperture, if you are capturing the kind of light spilling out of stores like your last shot. I hope you keep playing! Thanks for joining in Exploring with a Camera this month. Feel free to link in again if you do more with the Lights of Night!

  5. Like you – I didn't think I'd have it in me to 'create'. But then – as you said – you pick up your camera..and you look..and you see – and there is beauty. Still. Art saves!!!

  6. You have beautifully captured the nighttime glow. And it is through creating that we can heal both ourselves and the world. You have brought light into my day – thank you!

  7. love the warm brightness of the lighted clock, great atmosphere! and the shop looks so inviting with the light shining outwards, makes me want to try their hot soup….
    both wonderful shots with a totally different feeling, nice!

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