Star light, star bright

64-365 star

It’s just a metal star, a tree topper, and we unpack it every Christmas. It’s size and gold finish make it a perfect ornament to add to the top of our Christmas tree. 

I sat it on a piece of white poster board, on a surface by the window, on this cold December morning.  There was still frost on the ground, the water in the bird feeder frozen, and you could see your breathe if you stepped outside.  A cover of clouds made the morning sky white, and the sun had not burned them off yet.  All of this affected the light I was using.

Then the sun did come out, and suddenly my rather dull looking gold tree topper star took on a whole new look.  There was light and shadow and reflections.  Within the star the sun’s glow created more brilliant light and it all just kind of bounced around in there and made for the most wonderful yellows and whites, golden sunlight caught on a golden surface.

I moved around and stood looking down at all these reflections and kept shooting away.  The whole experience reminded me of taking one of Kat’s online photo classes, and the assignment to take at least 100 photos of one object.  Really look at it and examine it from all angles.  I was back in class again.

Yes, there was a photo prompt today to get the details of something, maybe an ornament.  What I started out with is not what I ended up with, but I like how this went.

There is magic in this lens, in this looking and moving and shifting focus.  No, maybe the magic is in that light.  That amazing ball of fire in the heavens that lights our path, that hides behind clouds, that sits lower on the horizon this time of year.  The light that we all yearn for in December. 

star detail

4 Replies to “Star light, star bright”

  1. These are both beautiful! I especially like the last one! I think of Kat's classes often as I take pictures. Her lessons and assignments really helped me tremendously!! Are you taking her new class, Journey of Fascination? I've already signed up and can't wait!!

  2. Or maybe the magic is in the seeing. The one who sees the magic in the light, the angles, the details-the one who sees and shares that seeing.

    Deep inhales. Thank you for this breath of freshness, Deb. Sending so much love your way on this Friday.

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