Open your eyes

63-365 snowflake light

We do everything we can to fight the darkness this time of year, putting light wherever we can.

Light against gray

We hope that the light we create can drown out the darkness that seems to be ever present.

wreath on building

In our celebration of life that brings hope in that hour of darkness we put colors and symbols of the holiday everywhere. I think we want to add color and cheer in every possible spot because after the beautiful fall foliage is gone it’s that color and cheer that we miss.


After spending some time downtown and looking at all the gray, I came home to see the simple beauty of color, on my kitchen table.  Color and light in and on something that is alive and thriving. 

Lesson learned: look for the light not in man made things but in what is alive and filled with love.  Sometimes that means we have to look within, other times we just need to open our eyes.

6 Replies to “Open your eyes”

  1. So true — finding light and color in the living things around us is so powerful, if only we take the time to see it. Such a nice capture of the flowers. I do like your snowflake image too……the composition and lines are lovely.

  2. I must admit, I love all the festive lights and candles, they make this time of year special. But you are right that we mustn't miss the beauty of nature too and your photo illustrates that perfectly.

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