The Tree That Survived

Sometimes a photo prompt can be too easy, other times too difficult for me to interpret. Then there are times when the prompt itself leads to another thing and another, and then I’m surprised by what I find.

Today my prompt included the word “book”.  I took my time to consider what book to photograph, sat in front of a bookshelf for a moment to see what I could find.  My first thought was a holiday book, but my heart was drawn to something different.

On the shelf was a book I did not know we had.  “The Tree That Survived The Winter” by Mary Fahy.  (ISBN 0-8091-0432-6). 

It is a parable of life. A tree that survives winter.  In her conversation with the sun she lets him know how sad she was that in the winter she could not see the sun very much.  The sun assures the tree that indeed he was there, even when the clouds seemed to separate them.   

“All those days when I was visible but remote – when you couldn’t feel my warmth – those were the days when I sent a concentration of light. ….when I gave you light and snow at the same time so that my brightness would be reflected up at you as well as shining down.  Those were the days when you thought the glare was too strong, the light was too bright.  You were seeing more than you wanted to see…..” (quoted from the book)

This little book had so much wisdom, so much light shining in the darkness. Just the kind of message I needed today.   I have a feeling it’s a message we can all use.

Sending you peace and light on this winter day….




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