Unedited moments

great grandkids

It’s the unedited, not posed family images that say the most to me.  My parents asked for a photo of them with their four great grandchildren, and we were happy to oblige.  I don’t need to tell you how fun it can be to get a good image of little kids…trying to get them to sit still when they don’t understand why. 

The dog, Taco, just seemed to not care about any of it and simply laid on the floor.  You can see my dad’s oxygen tubing on the floor, just part of what keeps him going these days.  Mom has the dog on a leash.  My grandson Garrett just wants to be down there with the dog.  The baby on dad’s lap is happy to be held.  Another great grandson, Stan, seems to be telling mom and dad a big story, though we don’t know what it was.  And Olivia, our family princess, is always smiling and giggling and happy.   This is all taking place in my mom’s piano studio, the only room big enough for a large family group photo.  

All of it just a little slice of how the weekend was for us.  Chaotic, crowded, fun, uplifting, noisy, and wonderful.    I’ll bet you know what that is like!

It was not a lost cause.  Here is the photo we were hoping for…

great grandkids 2


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  1. Love them both – for the stories that are told with each. As you said, chaotic and loving and joyful. I do love the dog's forbearance 🙂

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