Fifty Thousand Words!

Thirty days.
50,000 words.
0 excuses.
I did it!  

There is a first draft of a novel on my computer (and backed up on Google Drive) that I have worked on all month.   

The most important lesson for me in this process was learning to show up and make writing a daily practice.  Regardless of what becomes of this very rough draft of my novel, I’m thankful for what that practice has done for me.  

On another note, speaking of daily practice, I have created a page here for My 365 Project where I display my images.  There will be days when I use one of those images in a post, but I still wanted to share them in a different way. There is something about knowing I have to keep that up to date that inspires me to get ‘er done.  

So, let’s all get together for coffee now and celebrate!



14 Replies to “Fifty Thousand Words!”

  1. Congrats, Deb! That is a wonderful accomplishment! I peeked at your 365 project — will you continue it next year. I'm thinking of committing to it in 2013. Love your last image of the bowl and beads!

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