Signs of Comfort

Sometimes the images that tell a story of a family gathering don’t include faces.  There can be evidence here and there that says we feel comfortable being here

Shoe pile by the front door

Like this little pile of shoes by the front door, shawls and wraps draped over a chair.

baby toes

And there are always the sweet little toes, stretching and wiggling, surrounded by rolls of adorable baby fat.  Children lovingly held by everyone in the family, protected, comforted, rocked, fed, wiped, tickled.  Watching them play like we used to.

Sights and sounds from my Thanksgiving holiday…


7 Replies to “Signs of Comfort”

  1. Deb, I love the way you say so much with so few words. I felt a blanket of warmth around me as I read your words & looked at your photos. It's always so good to be here near you.

    Sending you love today, dear one.

  2. Hello Deb!! This was beautiful, love the way you express your photos! These are always my favorite kind of stories. Such cute little toes!!

  3. Those toes are so adorable!! I remember that I had my daughter's feet in my hands so very often when she was still a baby. I used to held them against my cheeks, and my daughter giggled every time I did that. Ah, memories…

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