The Monday After

preparing dinner

Thanksgiving dinner for twenty five.  Numerous cooks, one kitchen, family everywhere. Laughter of small children running around.  My dad telling his stories.  Getting food ready to serve.  My daughter was in the kitchen preparing potatoes…how can you have a holiday dinner without mashed potatoes?

mom preparing food

My mom was also in the kitchen at times, though we all tried to let her rest and just enjoy the day.  Side by side, my daughter and her grandmother, working together to prepare that delicious meal.  

As I have sifted back through the images of that day, that wonderful holiday, these two photos caught my eye.  By changing focus I have lead your eye to look at a different pair of hands.

This symbolic shift.  From one generation to another.  Working together. Creating. 

Making memories.


12 Replies to “The Monday After”

  1. This is such a touching post Deborah. Love how you wrote about symbolic shift from one generation to another. It's beautiful to see your image in focus of each their hands one at a time. Lovely.

  2. What a lovely, lovely set of images – the symbolism of hands representing the generations makes this so meaningful and emotional. (And I agree – it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the mashed potatoes!)

  3. It's beautiful how you've done this, transitioned from one to the other, working together. Young hands and old. And both of them wearing Thanksgiving colours in harmony with each other and the occasion.

    I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It certainly sounds like you did.

  4. Deb, this is MY FAVORITE OF YOUR PHOTOS NOW!! Truly lovely how you caputred this and the words to go with it. So feeled with LOVE!! I'm so happy you had a great Thanksgiving and with all your family. So happy that your mom was there and helping.

    I also took a picture like this of my husband and son, love that you did this too.

    Enjoy your week back at home and work!

  5. This is easily my favorite of all the thanksgiving posts/pics I've seen. I notice hands…kind of like some people notice eyes…and I think anything that celebrates the connection between generations is so valuable. Lovely!

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