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Earlier this week I spent some time taking close up images of stuff from my kitchen.  (That metallic thing in my images from yesterday is a meat tenderizer, in case you were wondering.)  This garlic bulb makes me think of cooking a good soup, or a special sauce.  I love the aroma and flavor it adds.

I usually have this Saturday post done much earlier in the day, but today my time was spent away from the computer screen.  Instead, I was staring at the screen of my new smart phone and sort of got sucked into that void of gee-how-do-i-do-that?  Can you relate?

As this week of Thanksgiving begins I will be taking time to celebrate with family and friends, and most likely will not be blogging during that time.

Sending you peace and blessings….


6 Replies to “Saturday’s Featured Image”

  1. Hello Deb,
    As always your pictures and words make me happy. I'm now wanting soup to warm me up, love smelling the soup too.

    HOORAY for a new phone to play with and do new things with. ENJOY!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! Enjoy this week and blessings around you.

  2. Beautiful macro – creating a wonderful abstract from a common item. I love how the lines curve around the bulb, giving it shape and volume.

  3. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family this week! I've been doing the same, my whole bunch was here for a full week! Wonderful memories we've made! Love your kitchen shots!

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