Week 5 of My 365

Week 5 ofmy 365 Project

Clockwise from the upper left:

Abstract: (macro shot of a kitchen tool…care to guess?)
Twelve: spools of thread
Music: dusted off just for the photo shoot.  The focus reminds me of focusing when practicing.
Handmade: (lower right) Papers sewn on card stock with gold thread, my favorite kind of mixed media creation
Planned: a view of the Skype screen when I had a wonderful online chat with some of the gals from Vision and Verb. It’s such an honor to be a part of such a diverse, creative, beautiful group!
Fall: Few leaves left on this old oak tree.
Movement: (center)  a leaf falling.  Very hard to photograph, I might add.

What I’m noticing as I do this…
I am much more deliberate about taking photos each day.  
Each week when I put together this collage it appears that there is a color scheme, though it is not intentional. This week looks to be blue and gray.  Maybe this is why I’m craving some color.

Other news in my life…
Writing a rough draft of a novel is amazing.  I’m finding out how little I know about writing.  And I’m finding out that I know a little bit about writing.  There is a lot of creative ‘tension’ between those two statements, and that is where I’m learning the most.  Most evenings now when I sit down to write I get into that flow of creativity where I loose all track of time.  

To learn more about National Novel Writing Month, scroll down on this page and click on the badge that says “30 days” at the top.  (Those of you who are reading this as an email need to click here to go to my website.)

Have a wonderful Friday!





5 Replies to “Week 5 of My 365”

  1. That kitchen tool looks like the head of a meat tenderizing hammer. We had one that had large points like these on one side and small ones on the other. It was used to pound inexpensive (i.e., tough) cuts of meat before cooking them – to make "chicken fried steak", for example. Am I right?

    Love your photo mosaic this week. And I'm so proud of you for tackling the novel-in-a-month project. What a challenge!

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