A blessing


Here is my prayerful offering to all of you in this season of Thanksgiving. 

May you find the simple abundance, the gift of knowing that you are enough.

May you see the color in this gray time of the year, this season in between the colors of falling leaves and the soft tranquility of a winter scene.

May you find a moment to enjoy the little things that we often take for granted.

May you celebrate the time with those you love, friends or family or both, savoring each moment, looking each other in the eye, saying the important things that need to be said.

And as you break bread together, around the table, in the sanctuary, in the booth at a cafe, no matter where, just enjoy that intimate act of nurturing, soulful fellowship. 

May you be at peace and share that peace with others. 

May you always remember that you are held in a divine embrace.

Sharing my words and image at Vision and Verb today.
Vision and Verb

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  1. Wonderful thoughts Deborah. I hope I can remember at least a few of these things on Thursday. Love the image you chose to enhance your lovely thoughts.

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