Craving color


Remember when you bought film and only had 12 or 24 or 36 exposures to use?  How did that affect the way you took photos?  In this digital camera age have you ever tried to limit yourself to 12 images again?

That was my challenge yesterday.  To be honest, I went over by two shots.  It’s so easy to keep the shutter pressed down and take a series of images in a hurry.  Next time I will change the settings so that I really can only take one image at a time.  

This is one of three photos I kept.  (Yes, I delete the images I don’t like.)  Since I am craving color here in mid November, the brilliant red of this fruit was the perfect subject.

Ever since reading Traveling With Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd I have wanted to try one of these.  It was delicious.  

And that more than made up for my less than satisfactory attempt to limit the number of images I took.


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  1. You had me at "craving color" those are beautiful words together!

    What a gorgeous photo this is, love it and now I want one too. So happy you did the 12 on 12 again, I skipped it this time. Some months it's hard for me to ONLY take 12 also, love the challenge though.

    How wonderful for your mom, soooo very happy all is going well for her. YIPPEEE!! Will keep praying for this to stay.

    Happy belated birthday to your husband. Can you believe that was Sam's birthday too. That makes two same family birthday's we have.

    What a great day for the two of you together, love the trees and reflection photo. It was warm and sunny for us too, despite Sam's constant wishing for SNOW. We are getting a little bit right now though.

    Have a wonderful week and keep clicking away, it's too much fun having all these photos to see.

  2. This was one of our assignments in digital photography class – a set limit of images (in our case, 24) that could be taken in a single outing – the purpose being to make us more deliberate and careful in our shot-making. To shoot with intention, as if every shot mattered (and even cost something, as in the days of film). I found it an instructive (and frustrating) experience. But the instructive part was what stuck with me. (And I am ruthless about image deletion).

    And what a brilliant image to feed your desire for color!

  3. What a great exercise, I should really try this. Love your image here – gorgeous colour. Pomegranates always remind me of my dad – he used to sit and pick each piece out with a pin!

  4. I love this image! Beautiful color!! I'm so glad we've moved into the digital world of photography! I can remember getting a roll of film developed and some of the pictures being terrible! The moment was gone and could not be repreated!! I am trying to be more intent in my photography, though, and I definitely delete a lot!

  5. I love pomegranates…..the color and the wonderful symbolism associated with them. Your shot is lovely! My film days are over, and I am glad I don't have to limit my shots. I would have so many bad pictures on one roll of film, that I stopped taking pictures for a few years. Viva digital!

  6. Your photo makes my mouth water. Lucky for me, I have two big fat pomegranates sitting on my kitchen counter right now! I was just thinking about all the photos I take now…click click click…as compared to the few I was limited to with film. I know I was more deliberate about each shot then. I was wondering if my pictures are actually better now, since I'm able to take many variations of a subject. The interesting thing is that I usually like the first one in a series best! But I am terrible about deleting the others.

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