Saturday’s images

autumn light in our neighborhood

There is something about that light, the angle of the sun after four o’clock.  Our neighborhood was filled with that gold, the trees casting long shadows. 

autumn light on my favorite pond

I went to Faurot Park to see how my favorite pond was looking in this late afternoon light, and could see that all the vegetation that I so enjoyed in the spring and summer is fading away.

I’m glad to tell you that my mom has had a good report from further testing, and there is no other cancer in her body.  She is recovering nicely from her surgery and feeling better every day.  Thank you for all your prayers and positive thoughts on her behalf.  

Today we have been celebrating my husband’s birthday, complete with German chocolate cake, taking a brief road trip to look at antiques, and enjoying each other’s company.  I’m grateful to be the one he chose to spend his life with.  

As for my writing for National Novel Writing Month, it is going better than I expected. I’ve never done this before and am finding it to be quite a challenge!  But I also have really good support from a young woman who is like another daughter to me, as well as some other dear friends. 

A beautiful fall day, spent with my hubby, lots of yummy cake, and a camera that can catch the light just the way I see it.   

In my book, that adds up to perfect.




7 Replies to “Saturday’s images”

  1. Wonderful photos. Loved reading your blog post and the good news about your mother's health and celebrating your husband's birthday. So much to be grateful for.

  2. I can see the golden light especially in the second photo, Deborah, it's nice. Your news sound positive, something to draw energy from. Good luck with your writing! 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos! This time of year with the fall leaves, the golden afternoon light is just gorgeous! So glad your mother got a good report and that she's feeling better! Pass along a "happy birthday" to your husband!

  4. Yes, a perfect day! So glad to hear the positive report on your mom – that is such excellent news. Birthday wishes to your husband. Lovely captures of the golden light.

  5. Hi Deborah,
    So glad to hear that your mother is recovering.
    Good luck with the Novel Writing Month. I heard of it for the first time this year but didn't participate. Maybe next year 🙂

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