Project 365 – Week 4

Here is a recap of my week as a photographer, featuring my 365 Project.

Freedom – I actually took the camera long when I voted, so as we stood in line I observed a few people exercising their freedom just as we were.

Nature – A dear friend handed me some flowers on Sunday.  Remember pulling petals off of a bloom and saying “he loves me, he loves me not…”?

Honey (bees) – Bees was the prompt, but in this cold weather there are none to be found.  Next best thing is the honey comb I had purchased earlier.  

Props – Yes, I’m playing with toys again!  Mr. Mark has his “Action Figures”  that he allowed me to pose with their various props. 

Pair – I just always wanted to get a good photo of eggs because I have seen some amazing ones out there.  

Play – see my blog post from yesterday.

Vision – That was they day my photo buddies and I took some holiday still life images, including some shots of the old cameras I have.  I love that old flash complete with flash bulb!

Have a great weekend!



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