Week 3 of My 365 Project

 Here is an update on my 365 project.  I’m really having fun with this!

1. Red (The dog leash is red.  Doggies were taking owner for a walk past my house on a cold rainy morning.)
2. Monster (Monster made a mess.)
3. Jack-o-Lantern (Yes, I carved a DSLR on my pumpkin, complete with camera strap.)
4.  Snow from Hurricane Sandy on my marigolds.  
5. Zombie. (Okay. Farnsworth dressed as a ghost.)
6. 365.  (In honor of this 365 Project)
7. Happy Halloweeen! (The monster candy dish at work that attacks you. Doesn’t help my addiction to Laffy Taffy at all.)

This week has been brought to you by the color orange….



8 Replies to “Week 3 of My 365 Project”

  1. One can definitely determine that it was Halloween week. Love the clever take on "365" – I would have never thought of that. Are you having fun with this new project of yours? It certainly looks like it.

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