October Photo Heart Connection

Near Ash Cave, Hocking Hills

My family went on a lot of camping trips when I was growing up.  There were state parks in Indiana that became some of our favorite places, often with hills and trees just like this place in Hocking Hills in Ohio.  

In the early morning light, accompanied by friends, I explored the sights and sounds, even the fragrance of the deep woods, and was transported back to beautiful memories. I think those campouts had a far greater impact on my life than I ever realized.

I’m linking up today with Kat’s photo-heart connection.  Click on the icon below to find more inspiring images.

13 Replies to “October Photo Heart Connection”

  1. How wonderful that you were able to bring back those childhood memories from your weekend in the woods. This image has a lovely painterly quality and the composition pulls us right into the depths of trees to join you there.

  2. Beautiful selection for your photo-heart connection. I grew up in the East and these woods look familiar — so different from the west coast forests. How wonderful to be transported to happy childhood memories!

  3. What a beautiful place. I love how you describe the sights, smells and sounds as evoking your memories. It's wonderful you got to experience them again, feeling them on your skin. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection!

  4. What a lovely place to be in an early morning light and to experience this scene with all your senses: "even the fragrance of the deep woods". Being transported back to beautiful memories makes this scene even more meaningful.

  5. Lovely photo heart connection. I love how these moments can transport us back and trigger such strong memories. Thank you for sharing yours.

  6. Oh, yes! Just the smell of fresh bark mulch takes me back to all the mountain camping trips we took when my children were small. Your image is beautiful and your words make a lovely photo-heart connection.

  7. Those tree roots are amazing. Adapting to the environment and expanding. Your childhood camping memories sound like deep roots that have anchored and shaped you. I can almost smell those woods. 🙂

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