Ash Cave

Tree at Ash Cave
This tree grows among rock and sand under the shelter of Ash Cave.
Inside Ash Cave
 My favorite image from last weekend…
My friend, Becky, is the photographer. Her camera pointed toward the tree 
shown in the first photo here.  The colors in the foliage have an oil painting kind of look to me.
The immense size of that cliff of rock, 
how over time it is eroding and creating the sandy beach-like area where we stood, 
and the overwhelming beauty of it all….
Sometimes there are just no words.

7 Replies to “Ash Cave”

  1. Stunning photo of the cliff and rock with your friend getting ready to take a photograph herself. The beauty of our planet never ceases to amaze me. Thank you so much for all the beautiful photography you share with us so generously. Love them all.

  2. I see the oil painting 'look' too, and think as well as the colours it's also down to great composition. Like the little tree with sunlight on its leaves too. Such an amazing place to spend time with a camera.

  3. Yes – sometimes there are no words. Luckily we can attempt to capture all that amazing beauty with camera in hand (or on tripod). The addition of Becky in the second image really brings home the immensity of the rock face.

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