My 365 Project Update

From the past six days, here is a sample of what I have photographed each day.
1. Tiny little ferns (at Hocking Hills).  2. Path in the woods (Hocking Hills)  3. Face (the prompt didn’t say what the face had to be on)  4. Warts   5. A pair of witches (magically appearing in a box of fall decor…)  6. At the patch (…actually the patch was at DeHaven’s – a store –  and they were kind enough to let me take photos of their pumpkins).

The idea of a 365 is practice.  Last weekend was great practice in using a tripod.  Photos 3 through 5 were good practice in using light here in my home.  And photo 6 was good practice in going somewhere and asking permission to take a photo!  Sounds like a small thing, but some of you will know how much of a challenge that can be.  


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  1. These are great. I love that you are using your 365 to practice…using a tripod, light and so on. Mine really became an exercise in snapshots – which was fine as a record of my days – but having a practical element too is a great way of doing. Love the path and the pumpkins. Happy weekend. 🙂

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