Just one more shot

Last weekend when my friends and I were at Hocking Hills State Park the weather was a bit rainy and the skies overcast most of the time.  Sunday morning brought some fog and the hope for sunshine.  We didn’t care about the cold autumn air because we were enjoying the early morning light.  For quite a while no one else was around.  There was just the sound of a few birds, the trickling of water falling off a cliff, the earthy smell of the woods.  To me it was heavenly.

three of us had lots of
time to talk, laugh, or just share in the silent reverie, enjoying the
amazing creation all around us.  Our conversations often came back to
how much we are learning from each other, how sharing this hobby with
friends makes a bigger difference than anything else we have tried.  This sharing involves getting together and going out to take photos, with no concern about camera type, or how many contests you’ve entered, or even the number of images you take at each event.  No, this sharing is all about helping each other learn.

When I’m out traveling I often look at everything around me and think of how I would take a photo of this or that.  I was guilty of some of that on this trip, too.   It’s so easy to fall into that habit, to just pick up the camera and shoot way too many images.   

Guilty? Too many images?  Yes.  Because sometimes it is more important to view this world without camera in hand, to let the awesome power of nature stir your soul, to listen to what the images have to tell you about yourself.   There are times when the camera needs to be left alone.  

As we headed for the car to start our journey back to home – and reality –  the sun had finally come up over the hills, touching the trees and bathing us in warmth and light.  I had not bothered to see how many photos I had taken, nor did I care…but I knew I could not pass these trees near the parking lot without getting another photo.  

I noticed that my friends did the same.   


6 Replies to “Just one more shot”

  1. I so agree about putting down the camera and just listening to and feeling the power of nature! Incredible "last shot"!! I love the beautiful light on the trees!

  2. Wonderful photo. How special to have walks/photo trips with other like-minded people. I appreciate what you say, sometimes the camera tempts us to be too busy instead of being fully present.

  3. You are so right – sometimes we have to be witnesses, to really BE there. We just returned from a week at Disney World – and I didn't take many photos at all. We were too busy having fun and enjoying the experience. Sometimes, even photography needs to be put aside.

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