Artist date 2

Last week we used water color ink and made some colorful papers.  This evening we cut some of those papers and used the sewing machine to stitch together some lovely creations.  

Each one different. Each one unique and beautiful.

We had to fight the urge to make it all “perfect.” 

The best part of the evening? Learning to love what we created no matter how many imperfections we could see. 

Learning to love ourselves…just as we are.


5 Replies to “Artist date 2”

  1. I love the flower you cut out of your beautiful paper! I've been using my sewing machine in scrapbooking lately and it's such fun and adds such a nice touch! Anxiously awaiting the finished project!!

    1. This flower was actually created by one of my friends, so I had the chance to photograph her using my sewing machine. The finished product is really lovely, but this is the only image of it that I have.

      I have used my sewing machine lately for more craft/mixed media things, but the other gals had never done this. We had fun sharing and learning more about how to do this.

  2. Looks like so much fun. I went back to check out Artist Date 1. Isn't it fun to create art with friends? She will we see the final piece of art?

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