Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls at Hocking Hills

We became very aware of the effects of this year’s drought when we came to Cedar Falls. You can see just a trickle of water just below the center of this image.   Our hope was to get photos of water flowing over the rocks that you see at the bottom, but instead we were walking on dry rocks.

In spite of the lack of water, Cedar Falls is beautiful.  The trees growing on the rocks, the colors in the stone walls, the moss and ferns growing everywhere, all added to the natural beauty.

red leaves

Contrasting colors and textures…

stone carved by water

You can see a crease in this rock where water has flowed.

Leaving Cedar Falls

I was drawn to this view as we were leaving this area.  My friends Shelly and Becky are on the right in the dark jackets.  Each of use carried a tripod and used them for almost every photo.  Sometimes it seemed a hassle to have to set them up and pack them away, but the end result was well worth it.  

10 Replies to “Cedar Falls”

    1. "…bathing me in beauty…"

      That is exactly what it felt like to stand there in that park and just take it all in. The peace that I felt has somehow magically come through the lens.

      I so appreciate your comment.

  1. Julia said it so well… coming here is always like a peaceful retreat. I might never visit Cedar Falls but, thanks to your photography, I've had a tour of this beautiful place and experienced the power of nature to leave us relaxed and refreshed.

  2. When I visit places such as this, I feel so small and insignificant until I remember God created majestic mountains and trees, but he also created me! Beautiful images, Deb!! You must have had an amazing time with your friends.

  3. Beautiful, even without flowing water. Gorgeous water reflections.What fun to spend a weekend in such a lovely place, with photographer friends.

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