The pine forest

To get to Rose Lake (see post from yesterday) we had to walk through this little area of pine trees.  

pine forest

The young maple trees with their yellow foliage added a brilliant contrast to the deep green pines.

young tree

Among the pine needles that cushioned our steps was a new plant reaching for the light.

maple leaves

We found a handful of maple leaves on the ground that someone had tied together by the stems.  Becky hung it up on this pine tree, noting the nice contrast in color and textures.

It is impossible for me to
convey in words how majestic and awesome this small pine forest is. 
What I can tell you is that the three of us just stood and listened,
looking up at the tall pines, taking in the fragrance and the sound of
quiet all around us.  

This is where we started our day. 

Can you imagine being able to do that on a regular basis?  

Tomorrow…Cedar Falls.

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  1. Beautiful images!! You can feel the quiet in your photos! I love the sound of silence in the woods, because then you can hear the sounds of nature!

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