Rose Lake

Rose Lake, Hocking Hills State Park

The peak of the fall colors had to have been the last two days for Southeast Ohio. We (my two photography friends…very dear friends at that) were able to be right in the midst of some of the most spectacular wooded areas and witness that beauty first hand.   Though I  have driven by Hocking Hills State Park many times, this was my first time to really walk it’s trails and experience the awesome views.  

Rose Lake was our first destination Saturday morning.  Though the sun was up it had not reached over the hills yet and there was some cloud cover.  The light was still perfect.

Rose Lake with sun touching the trees

When the sun got high enough it was amazing to see how the light touched the tree tops and then worked it’s way quickly down the hill side.

Rose Lake, full sun

The best part? None of us was in a hurry. We were all snapping away, taking our time, lost in our own thoughts, soaking it all in.  From time to time we would share photography tips, which we have found is the best way to learn more about taking photos…get together with friends and be willing to share what you know.

Rose Lake, fungus on a log

There was so much to see.  And I wish my words here could convey to you how peaceful it all was.

Farnsworth stayed warmThe car was pretty full of stuff as we headed out…including a precocious rabbit who snuck into my suitcase.   But Farnsworth had to stay in the cabin while we were out and about, so he chose to pout in the window.

We shared a lovely little cabin that was within an easy driving distance to all that we wanted to see. Each place we went to had something different to offer.  These images here are just a sampling of the beauty we beheld, and I’ll share more of that throughout this week.


10 Replies to “Rose Lake”

  1. Stunning Autumn scenery! How wonderful to enjoy nature with good friends, each sharing a love of photography and appreciation for the surroundings. And the shot of Farnsworth is adorable — love that reflection, he looks so wistful.

  2. Beautiful and stunning photos. I love that you went to Rose Lake… which reminds me a lot of where we were yesterday at Pink Lake in Quebec (Canada)… it could have been the same place by the looks of it.. 🙂

  3. Stunning photos! I can just imagine how peaceful this weekend was with friends and plenty of time to enjoy God's gift of nature! The lichen on the log looks like brown roses to me! I was also near a lake this weekend, but our leaves are just beginning to turn!

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