My 365 – Week 2

Here are my Project 365 images from the last six days….

 Lined up. 
I reverted to my second childhood taking these. And I keep thinking of the song from
the musical, “Oklahoma!”, The Farmer and the Cow Hand Should Be Friends.
I have used a lot of the prompts from Capture Your 365, but not every day.
I like having some flexibility with that. 
 Routine.  This nap happens like clockwork every morning.
 Leaves, after a rain, edited in Lightroom.
 Packing. Farnsworth jumped into my suitcase and won’t leave.  
He seems to want to be in pictures.  Kind of jealous of a certain cat.
I’m headed to the woods with Becky and Shelly just to take photos this weekend! You’ll see some of the results here in the following days.  

5 Replies to “My 365 – Week 2”

  1. Farnsworth!!! I think you should share with your readers how Farnsworth came into your life.

    Travel safely this weekend, and have a great time!

  2. My daughter used to play with Fisher Price when she was little. It was my husband's old toys. Now my daughter's little cousins play with them. They stay within the family…

  3. Love your daily photos! Those leaves look metallic! My grandson's have named the FP little people that we have. The cowboy is their Uncle Randy (don't know why, he's not a cowboy), there's a dark haired lady that is their Aunt Aimee, the white haired lady is me (althought I don't have that much white hair), we have a man with a grey cap that is Gramps, the blond is their mother, an ambulance driver that is their daddy (he's a surgeon), and various children they choice to use for themselves. We even have a set of twin little boys for Drew and Josh! I've said all that to say this, when I see your FP photos, I think of my family, especially the grandboys!!

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