Artist Date!

My two friends came over this evening so we could make messes and create…and it was soooooo good to be together!  

Our project this evening was to use water color inks that are used for air brushing and put it on water color paper.  We get the paper wet first using a brush, then quickly drip just a little bit of the inks onto the paper.  You can see how the ink just fans out and spreads, mixing with the other colors and creates such fun, interesting images.  In the lower left is a paper towel that was used to blot, and my friend is going to keep it and use it in a collage.  The brilliant colors are so fun to work with.  We don’t have an airbrush, we just use these to make colorful pieces of paper.  

Next week we are going to use what we created tonight and do more, perhaps sewing on them or using them in collage.  No matter what we decide it will be fun!

If you are familiar with Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, you’ll recognize the concept of the artist’s date.  It’s a time that you deliberately do something that involves art, either in creating or observing it.  

I highly recommend doing this. It is so good for the soul.   


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  1. So inspiring. Beautiful. I have played around a bit with paper towels and paints, love all the different colours and patterns. I must borrow my daughter's book The Artist's Way.

  2. HOORAY FOR ART DATES WITH FRIENDS!!! I love all the pages you made, they came out great and so bright. The paper towel one is soooo COOL, I have a stack of my blotted papertowels too and will be using them in my pages. So glad you had fun and YES IT IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL!!! Can't wait to see what you make on your next art date.

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