Time to play

Chicken: “Horse, your ear is missing!”
Horse: “Huh?”
Chicken: “I said, your ear is missing! Your ear is missing!”
Horse: “Oh, wonder how that happened?”
Dog: “woof, woof”
Pig: “Will someone move this fence? I know she can’t see my snout.”
Cow: “This grass is lovelier the second time around.”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  If you give a gal a camera and a bit of free time, you never know what will appear here next.  

Care to leave a comment?  Let us know what You think the next line in this barn yard conversation could be.   


13 Replies to “Time to play”

  1. Horse: Huh??

    We had that same playset!! That was when they were good and lasted forever. 😉 Great shot! And yep, Erin, I remember.

  2. This was emailed to me…and I just have to share. It's from my friend Marlene….

    The pig (why am I stuck in here with this ear missing horse and the ever chewer of a cow, where is the lovely muddy Place I used to root around in).

    The horse, with tears in his eyes (my little boy told me he would fix my ear and he has gone off to play with someone else).

    The cow (too busy chewing to care about talking).

    The rooster (where have all my beautiful hens gone? Off pecking I suppose).

    The dog with tail wagging happily (let me go, let me go,I can find them and herd them back).

    Little two year old laughing in the background, "I love playing with you Gamma."

  3. Oh my gosh, Deb–how I needed this today! Thank you for injecting some lightness & humor into my day. Ah, deep breath–thank you!

    P.S: I just left some words for you on my blog. As always–I deeply, deeply appreciate you, Deb.

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