On this rainy autumn morning I have been playing a bit and intentionally messing up while I take a photo or two.  I love the abstract look of this lilac bush, taken through my kitchen window, purposely blurred and out of focus. 
 I played with some presets in Lightroom and really liked the warm feel of these colors.  The original image is a green plant in the window sill.
This last one looks like feathers painted on a canvas to me.  It’s actually an evergreen tree and a bush with red leaves outside my living room window.
I set my camera to manual mode, 1/5 of a second, 5.6 aperture, ISO 400. I used manual focus and then moved the camera on purpose. I found that if I started moving the camera before pressing the shutter I got the “look” I wanted.  I used the kit lens that came with the camera, 18 – 55mm, set at 55mm. 
What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite?  

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  1. I am loving these abstracts, Deb! The first is my favorite– the colors and shapes are so pleasing. Are you doing this with hour camera onlu, or are you post processing too?

    1. Gina,
      I have used the camera and have edited some in Lightroom. Each image has been cropped a little, and I have adjusted the contrast. The second one has been changed a lot because I used a preset in Lightroom that changed the greens to the lovely warm golden colors you see here.

  2. Deb – what a great and creative experiment! They all resemble beautiful abstract paintings. My favorite is the first one – it looks like delicate trees in a spring forest. But they are all unique and lovely.

    1. Brenda, this really was fun and I just may have to do it some more! I wanted to see if I could make the images so abstract that you really can't tell what the actual subject is. Today I have thought of so many other things I could mess with and try to create more abstract images.

  3. What a fun experiment! I also love the first one the best! It has such soothing lines and colors. For some reason, the last one makes me think of a decorated Christmas tree!

  4. WOW WOW WOW!!! Deb, you are amazing and so much fun with your camera. I love how you find new ways to take pictures. I had no idea what these were so great job on all the abstract images. It's really hard for me to pick a favorite, they all speak to me in a different way. The first one would be my normal favorite because of the rain, the colors and peace of it. The second is all about warm and fall which is what we have now. The last one made me think of Christmas just like Cathy said. So sorry can't pick a favorite, LOVE THEM ALL!!


    I read your previous post and am SO VERY VERY HAPPY to hear about your mom. I love the way you described all the sounds and happiness from over the phone. Will keep her in my prayers!!

  5. They are all so beautiful and unique. But the second one is my favourite, soft autumn colours. Thank you for sharing what you can do with a camera. Loved it.

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